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Welcome to the website of the TOPndt GmbH – your team of professionals for the specialized area of non-destructive testing. We offer extensive and competent services in the area of “inspection and consulting”. Whether you need inspection services for your manufacturing processes, specialized consulting in the area of non-destructive testing for your products / devices or an external test supervisor for audits or acceptances. Our highly motivated team is available to customers with a high degree of flexibility and short communication paths.

We offer the following inspection services:
  • on-site ndt services by qualified inspectors (at least level II according to ISO 9712 for the test procedures PT / MT / VT / UT / LT and helium leak test)
  • mobile hardness center traverse at your components
  • Analysis of radiographic images
  • Material determination / verification inspection through x-ray fluorescence analysis PMI / RFA
  • ndt project monitoring for conversions, measures, stoppages, etc.
  • quality control and inspection
  • measurement of wall thickness with a consistent and transparent documentation
We offer the following consulting services:  
  • Construction of testing instructions by level III personnel according to ISO 9712 for the test procedures PT / MT / VT / UT / LT
  • specialized assistance at supplier or customer audits
  • Provision of an external test supervisor level III for your company
  • Assistance at the interpretation of performance test code standards, specifications, etc.
  • Consulting with regard to specific manufacturer inspection procedures (Is the inspection doable and sensible?)
  • Consulting for special test techniques, for instance ultrasonic phased array technique
We offer the following manufacturing control services:
  • On-site supervision / manufacturer monitoring of your components and costructions by e.g. qualified and experienced welding engineers or mechanical engineers
  • e.g in the field of steel and plant construction / bridge construction and renovation / tank construction / etc.
  • Construction supervision during renovations and repairs
  • Monitoring of production steps and manufacturing processes
  • Checking the necessary documentation and data
  • Final inspection / acceptance of the construction according to your specifications