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The term industry 4.0 and connected with it the “digitalization” currently becomes more significant

We have set ourselves the task of being able to shift the focus to recent and future-oriented technologies and procedures in the testing area as well as administrative area.  Along with this belongs the progress in dealing with digital data to optimize and simplify various processes. Through smart software solutions and the interconnection of already existing systems, extensive and time-consuming processes can be already simplified. Therefore, for example new usable resources for employees and cost-optimized processes evolve.

Through our comprehensive experiences in various industrial companies in the departments of quality management and non-destructive testing we noted, that for the past years little or no process optimizations were conducted. Especially the area of testing documentation, the archiving of images and drawings and the management of order-related information and data is often managed by outdated and unhandily intermediate solutions. Those are partly based on Word and Excel and offer no flexibility and no audit safety.

The TOPndt GmbH is cooperation partner of the newly developed check database and management software TIMS as well as the image data management software JiveX

The integrated system TIMS 2.0 of the company AAP-NDT GmbH was developed in a close relationship with TOPndt GmbH and offers comprehensive and flexible possibilities to display and operate test processes. Thus, order-related data from your already existing system is automatically integrated into the test report. Through extended features the software is able to for instance openly and transparently display the certificate management of the equipment and the employee.

In addition, in cooperation with TIMS we incorporated the integrated image management system JiveX of the company Visus NDT in the system. It enables the easy handling of all existing or new image data. The focus however lies in the editing, assessment and handling of analog and digital constructed radiographs. JiveX is able to intuitively and safely process those. All required and technical relevant informations are automatically adopted from TIMS and matched to the order before the creation of their CR- or DR records.

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